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My-shield Hospital Disinfectant w/Zetrisil – (1 gallon)

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Kills 99.99% of Corona virus & 99.99% of common germs

Nonhazardous. Bleach & Chlorine-free: Most Hospital Disinfectants available on the market today contain harsh compounds that have been found to be highly toxic & corrosive and very hazardous to human health & the environment. 

Quick & easy to apply: My-shield Hospital Disinfectant comes in a ready-mixed solution with no dilution required. Small surface areas: Can be sprayed directly onto a surface or item and allowed to dry. Alternatively, wipes or hand-held spray packs can be applied directly onto any surface or item. For large surface areas: (e.g. building interiors) An electrostatic sprayer can be used to easily disperse the disinfectant to all surfaces within a room including walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture, etc. Drying time with this application is very quick and the procedure is complete within minutes. 

EPA Approved (#94196-3): Designed for use in Households & non-Healthcare applications. Suitable for hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins & food preparation areas (mattresses, bedspreads, carpets, curtains, light fittings, equipment, corridors, motor vehicles, aircraft, public lobbies, function rooms, and bathrooms). Create completely sanitized rooms to alleviate the concerns of health-conscious guests while reducing unpleasant odors.

Made in the USA

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2 reviews for My-shield Hospital Disinfectant w/Zetrisil – (1 gallon)
  • guevarrareem

    good product and tsh store

  • guevarrareem

    best product

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